Call for Nominations

Nominations for 100 Hispanic Women in Leadership 2010 Awards are now open. This is an inaugural event presented by Hispanic Women in Leadership (HWIL). HWIL proudly recognizes Houston area Hispanic women that have demonstrated significant accomplishments and tireless commitment to their community. We are looking for grass-roots women who have made a noticeable difference in the community. This year’s winners will represent some of the finest examples of community service and leadership. This Call for Nominations plays an integral role in that process. We encourage your participation, and invite you to join us in celebrating the contributions made by your colleagues, neighbors and fellow professionals. Nominations across all industries are welcome. Examples of industries are media, community, politics, science, research, medicine, law, arts, community, etc.


• The nominee reflects HWIL’s philosophy while making a difference using ethical leadership.
• Her life reflects a sustained vision for the future of the Hispanic community through Hr actions.
• Undaunted by difficulties, she maintains resiliency in both professional and personal life.
• She has evolved with the socio-economic changes and maintains steadfastness in the present social, economic and political environment.
• She is a collaborative leader while inspiring and motivating others to get tasks accomplished.
• Understanding her strengths, she readily shares with those whose lives she touches.
• She has empowered others through her service and cultural pride.


Submit the 2010 nomination form AND a typed letter outlining the following information as it relates to the nominee.

• Reason/rationale for being nominated or self-nominated.
• Describe specific skills and attributes distinguishing her work.
• List motivating factors of the nominee’s work.
• Most important results of the nominee’s work.
• Describe the impact on the Hispanic Community.
• Note any significant obstacles overcome by the nominee. (Optional)


• Selections will be made by HWIL 2010 Nominations Committee.
• Nominees must live or work in the greater Houston area.
• Past presidents of HWIL or other Hispanic Organization DOES NOT provide automatic selection.
• Past awards do not provide sole criteria for this honor.
• Winners will be notified in writing by October 15, 2010
• Winners will be recognized at a awards event on November 4, 2010

Email forms to or mail to P.O. Box 701065, Houston, TX. 77270

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