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    I am emailing you on behalf of Walker’s Legacy, a digital platform for entrepreneurial and professional multicultural women, to ask for the email address of advisory board member M. Helen Cavazos for a possible partnership.

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  4. To whomever this may concern,

    I am an avid follower of both you and Melissa Marquez. I think a collaboration between the two identities would be most beneficial. She is the host of the brand new podcast ConCiencia Azul and will be interviewing Latinx researchers, discuss ocean-related topics, and speak about some of the unique hardships Hispanic/Latino countries face. The show will post a new episode once a week.

    She is also writing my first YA/MG (Young Adults/Middle Grade) book, Mission to the Stars. It is the first of a chapter book series called The Time-Traveling Adventures of Maria Cruz about a seven-year-old Hispanic girl with a love for science and math. Currently, it is with an interested literary agent! The current idea is that the first four books tell the stories of Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic astronaut; Mary Anning, the fossil hunter who found the first plesiosaur; and Eugenie Clark, a legendary ichthyologist (scientist who studies fish) who was a champion marine conservation and paved the way for women marine biologists; and last but not least, a mystery woman readers will get to vote on. End-of-book-questions offer conversation topics between parents and kids. Each book will also have a Spanish glossary for English-speakers to learn the words, phrases, and foods that Maria mentions. It will also include a feature on each scientist, and a “behind the science” section where large topics (e.g. space travel history, what are fossils, why sharks are different from fish, etc.) are discussed more in depth. The hope is for this book series to be published in both English and Spanish.

    Melissa is also the creator of “Semilla de Triunfo” or “Seeds of Success,” a workbook that covers everything from a cover letter and resume/CV all the way to sharing tips for someone’s first conference. She will be releasing that in English and Spanish as well, and it pairs well for late high schoolers (10-12th grade) and early undergraduates. She’s a wonderful ambassador for Latinas in STEM and I think you should chat! Her Twitter is mcmsharksxx and her website is

    Thanks for listening to me.

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